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Thank you for your interest in an Individual Health or Dental Insurance Policy! Individual health plans for Michigan residents are available from a number of high-quality carriers. Carriers like Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan* and HAP are only a few.  Below we have divided your choices into two categories, Medically Underwritten plans and Non-Medically underwritten plans. 

  1. Medically Underwritten This category contains the carriers who medically underwrite their individual members.  This type of individual plan is not guaranteed issue as in small group plans typically offered by your employer.  Medical underwriting is a process by which a carrier will look at your past medical history and present medical status to determine if they are able to extend coverage to you and your family members. 
  2. Non-Medically Underwritten This category is Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan*(BCBSM).  Although BCBSM has some limited pre-existing limit conditions, they do not require you to provide them answers to medical history. 

Click on the links below to compare plans and costs between the plan categories.

DFBenefits is an authorized independent Agent for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network”.



United Health One




Short Term Medical

Affordable, temporary health insurance



All the above carrier’s insurance programs are subject to medical underwriting (Except BCBSM), the ability to change the rates or even decline(Except BCBSM) your application for insurance coverage. This coverage is not effective until the date specified by the carrier. DO NOT CANCEL YOUR CURRENT COVERAGE BEFORE RECEIVEING APPROVAL FROM THE INSURANCE CARRIER.


Please allow between 10 to 30 days for your application to be processed. You can call our office at any time during this process with questions or information regarding your status!


For those individuals or family members in poor health, or with chronic conditions, the individual market in Michigan has limited choices. Since people with medical problems will undoubtedly be declined for medical coverage, using COBRA or state continuation benefits is usually more attractive, although at higher cost.


Should you have any questions regarding this information, please feel free to call our sales and underwriting department at (800) 538-6040. Thank you for selecting DFBenefits, Inc. to serve your insurance needs.




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