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The forecast for health care benefit administration calls for continued cloudiness with more clouds on the way. New political leadership, rising health care costs and an expanding number of benefit options with the accompanying compliance issues are all factors that create problems for administrators.

Solving those problems and helping administrators navigate through the clouds requires expert research, advice and service.

DFB continues to build upon its reputation for providing all three.

When a client contracts with DFB for any benefit related service, they receive much more than an administrator shuffling required paperwork. First and foremost they are teaming up with one of the most highly recognized research and compliance specialists in the nation. Our commitment to research and strong consistent procedures has protected our clients from compliance failures and the potentially devastating financial penalties.

DFB has the technology and expertise to provide excellent benefit administration services. But, more important than technology and knowledge are people. The focus of the entire DFB organization remains constant on its commitment to its customers and employees. Recognizing the value of people is the foremost factor in the creation of an exciting and highly successful company. Our success is founded on the values centered in each of us: integrity, mutual respect, teamwork and personal growth. Those enduring values are the keys to building relationships with clients and each other.


At DFB, our Number one priority is people. Whether it's the Customer Service Representative answering the phone, the client or agent asking technical questions or a plan participant calling about premium payments, it all begins with people.

Our people benefit from this in several ways:

  • We maintain personal working relationships with contacts at the IRS and DOL. These interactions are pivotal in remaining on top of critical updates to employee benefit law. Our commitment to providing our clients with up-to-date legal research, combined with a dedicated procedural practice, has allowed us to successfully protect our clients from compliance failure for over two decades.
  • Attendees of our nationally acclaimed COBRA seminars typically double or triple their subject matter knowledge. Our dynamic speakers have unique presentation styles that will leave you wondering where the day went. Infinisource seminars are rated excellent by nearly every attendee.
  • Our dedication to outstanding service has led to a 94 percent client retention rate. It is the people behind the technology that will continue to guide us through relationships with our clients and each other.



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