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About DFB TPA Services Dental and Vision Association Plan

Promoting overall health is a key part of our business philosophy. The dental and vision program our association promotes is a Dental and Vision Maintenance Program. Also know as a dental and vision HMO plan – this concept encourages good oral health by making visits to the dentist and optometrist more affordable.

Today, we continue to promote the important connection of oral care to overall health; we offer this Assurant Employee Benefits dental and vision plan to our association members. This plan promotes routine and preventive treatment at low to no cost. Our plans offer members real benefits and not just discounts. Members in Michigan and Ohio enjoy the advantages of our DFB TPA Association program, and now we offer those advantages to you.

  • Highly qualified dental and vision care professionals
  • Dental and vision plan offering a full spectrum of benefits
  • Personal customer service easily accessed by email or phone, featuring extended service hours through Assurant Employee Benefits
  • High customer satisfaction


The association has membership dues which are included in the cost of the plan. The Membership costs vary based on your enrollment into The Dental and Vision Plan and will be outlined in the enrollment process.

*This Dental policy is underwritten with claims paid through Assurant Employee Benefits. You must enroll through DFB TPA Association in order to be eligible for these benefits. The association fee is included in the plan and billed through the payment choice when you enroll.

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