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Employer Strategies and Solutions to Substantially Reduce:

  • The high cost of Health Insurance
  • The cost for Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenses
  • The cost for Dependent Day Care Expenses
  • The cost for Parking and Transit Expenses
  • Cost of Self-Employed Healthcare Expenses
  • Employer Matching Payroll Taxes by 8%
  • Employee Income Taxes by 30%

The IRS Code has numerous provisions designed to help employers provide essential benefits to their employees tax-free. This saves the employee approximately 30% in income taxes on expenses they're already paying for, and because the employees have reduced their taxable income, the employer realizes a reduced matching payroll tax liability of approximately 8%. Everybody saves money.

To take advantage of these tax deductions the IRS requires that the employer have a written plan document and the Department of Labor and ERISA law require that every employee receive a summary plan description (SPD) explaining the new benefit in easy to understand language.

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  1. Section 125 Premium Only Plan or POP
  2. Section 125 FSA & Cafeteria Plans
  3. Section 125 with HSA Module
  4. Section 105 HRA for Self-Employed
  5. HRA or Health Reimbursement Arrangements
  6. Section 132(f) Transit & Parking Plan